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Bar D River Ranch Pecans

Wholesale Texas Pecans For Sale
Early Season, Inshell Pecans Direct from the Grower

General Information

•Located 35 miles south of San Antonio in the rich, alluvial soil on the banks of the San Antonio river
•Planting began in 1980
•Eight varieties of improved pecans
•400 acres of mature, improved variety trees at their peak of production
•100 acres of younger, improved variety trees

Pecan varieties:
•Early season, available from mid-September to early-October:  Pawnee, Shoshoni, Wichita
•Mid season, available from early-October to late-October:  Mohawk, Choctaw, Cheyenne
•Late season, available from late-October to mid-November:  Kiowa, Desirable
•Click the 'Pecan Varieties' link at left for more information on each variety.

•In-Shell supply is available at the orchard a minimum 500 pound purchase is required.
•Mechanical harvest equipment, no shelled pecans are available.
•Process pecans in an on-site facility, pecans are cleaned, dried, and defects are removed. 
•Air blown to remove any "light weight" pecans
•Final visual inspection by personnel before they are sacked 
•Graded before being offered for sale directly to commerical buyers.

•Division of Bar D River Ranch, owned by the Ocker family
•The father/son team of Richard and Cameron are fifth and sixth generation farmers
•Cameron Ocker is the orchard manager
•Members of Texas Pecan Growers Assocation, both have served on the Board of Directors
•Bar D Pecans works closely with Texas A&M University on managment practices to maximize quality and production

•We have received over 30 awards from numerous local, state, and international shows including:  South Texas Regional Pecan Show, Texas State Pecan Show and Western Pecan Growers Association International Pecan Show
•Some of our awards include:  Grand Champion Commercial Pecan with Cheyenne at the South Texas Regional Pecan Show and Texas State Pecan Show; First and Second place Wichita, Cheyenne, and Pawnee at different Texas State Pecan Shows and Western Pecan Growers Assocation International Pecan Shows.