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Bar D River Ranch Pecans

Wholesale Texas Pecans For Sale
Early Season, Inshell Pecans Direct from the Grower

Early Season - Quality

Bar D River Ranch Pecans consistently has received USDA grade 1 for in-shell number of nuts per pound and percent kernel ranges.

   •USDA in-shell standard for number of nuts per pound: 
                   Oversize, 55 or less
                   Extra Large, 56 - 63
                   Large 64 - 77

   •USDA percent kernel ranges:  
                    Pawnee, 54 -58
                    Wichita, 56 - 59
                    Cheyenne, 55 - 58

  •Bar D River Ranch Pecan kernel colors are mostly golden colored or lighter.

All pecans are graded as to size, percent kernel and moisture before being offered for sale. Our in in shell, 500 pound minimum purchase is perfect for your commercial business.

You can purchase pecans at the orchard early in the season.  Our average date of first availability in past years is as follows:
Pawnee, September 23
Shoshoni, September 30
Wichita, October 2
Cheyenne, October 18