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Pecan Variety Information

The crop is generaly harvested as the different varieties mature, so the pecans are available for sale typically in that order.  Availability can extend well beyond the early season time period.

Pecan sizes vary from year to year.

Early season pecan varieties

   Pawnee is a newer, extremely early-ripening variety.  The oval-oblong shaped nut has a plump, light colored kernel. The tree appears to have a natural resistance to aphids.  It bears about 49 nuts per pound.

   Shoshoni is the second earliest to harvest, after the Pawnee.  The nut shape is oval with bright kernel color.  The tree is very disease resistant.  There are about 50 nuts per pound.

   Wichita is the most productive, high quality commercial pecan developed.  The oblong shaped nut has pointy ends.  It is a thin shelled variety with good kernel color.  It is highly adpated to our Central Texas location.   There are about 57 nuts per pound.

Mid-season pecan varieties

   Mohawk is an exceptionaly large pecan, the largest in our orchard.  It is a blocky/oblong shaped nut with a very thin shell.  There are only about 43 nuts per pound.

   Choctaw is a top quality variety that has high yields of large, high-quality pecans. This thin shelled oval shaped nut shells out well.  The size is about 47 nuts per pound.

   Cheyenne is our best seller.  The thin shelled nuts shell out very well with bright kernel color.  There are about 53 nuts per pound.

Late season pecan varieties

   Desirable is very old, well recognized cultivar.  This medium thick shelled nut has bright kernel color.  Also a large nut,  it bears about 44 nuts per pound.

   Kiowa is a new variety, which bears heavy crops of large, excellent quality nuts.  The oblong shaped nut is also thin shelled.   There are about 48 nuts per pound.